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About our theater

          One famous Russian theater director, Slava Polunin, said: “You should only work with people who you would want to hug”. This fully applies to our team. We are an incredibly diverse collection of characters representing the whole of Austin’s Russian-speaking community, intimately bound by the shared fascination with theater. Programmers, scientists, teachers, managers, business people - everyone is eager to drive, ride, run to a rehearsal after work, no matter how tired or hungry, sometimes twice a week. This is a miracle! (Jokes aside, we do actually hug each other all the time, to greet or say goodbye).

          The Austin Russian Theater was formed several years ago on the basis of the Austin International School. Our origin is similar to many Russian language theaters in America: it began with a group of parents making performances for their children, so the kids would keep their mother language and cultural heritage. With experience came the desire to try more serious productions, as well as to reach a broader audience interested in Russian theater and culture. Luckily, in 2017, we were joined by a professional theater director from Moscow, Irina Yakushenok. At the same time, a script-writing group emerged from within the troupe that creates original scripts, so every single one of our plays is essentially a Worldwide Premiere. 

Fueled by the enthusiasm of the troupe and with Irina’s guidance, between 2017 and 2020 we have released three New Year’s plays and two Maslenitsa (Slavic Mardi Gras) plays for children. One of our short Maslenitsa plays, “The Dragon’s Proposal”, can be viewed in full at here. Our first full-length play for grown-ups, “The Meeting Continues, or Fantasies According to Ilf and Petrov” was released in May 2019. It follows the famous satirical writers duo, Ilia Ilf and Eugene Petrov, in 1920’s Russia as they create hilarious characters that are now instantly recognized by any Russan-born person.

           We have reached a very important milestone on January 11, 2020: we went on our first tour, taking our New Year’s play to Dallas. For us, this is a big achievement - we have proven to ourselves that we are indeed a theater, a coherent and movable creative unit. This experience inspires us a lot and opens up new opportunities for communication.

          We have extensive plans, there are many ideas, especially after we have acquired the official non-profit status in June 2019. Our next big production is coming in May 2020. It will be another play for grown-ups, the title of which we will keep a secret for now. As always, though, this will be an original play and a worldwide premiere, and it will be very funny.

Our Performances

«Жалобная книга или Жизнь прекрасна!» Хулиганство по рассказам А.П.Чехова Вокзал – уникальное место, где люди случайным образом встречаются на миг и снова разъезжаются в разные стороны ... moreнавсегда.

Что можно успеть между пересадкой с одного поезда на другой? Найти утерянный чемодан? Сделать запись в «Жалобной книге»? Услышать или рассказать загадочную историю? А может быть оказаться в другом времени и переосмыслить окружающий мир? Что изменится в жизни, если вдруг появится возможность взглянуть на мир глазами А.П.Чехова? Поможет ли это снова стать счастливым человеком? 

Запуск зрителей в зал за 30 минут до начала спектакля.

Вход в зал только в масках.

May 14, Fri, 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM CDT
May 15, Sat, 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM CDT

The Sanctuary
2614 Exposition Boulevard
Austin, TX 78703

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Our first full-length play for grown-ups, it follows the famous satirical writers duo, Ilia Ilf and Eugene Petrov, in 1920’s Russia as they create hilarious characters that are now ... moreinstantly recognized by any Russan-born person.
Every year we hold Maslinica party in Champion park. The program includes a fascinating little fairy tale for children and adults, burning stuffed Maslenitsa, games for children of ... moreall ages, and, of course, a common table. This festival is free, potluck, so please bring meals and drinks to the common table. If you want to help with the organization of the table or fun, contact the administration of the Russian school. Come for a holiday, you will like it with us.
The Christmas tree in the Russian school of Austin is something special: it is not only the usual round dances around the green beauty, but also an exciting, colorful, musical theatrical ... moreperformance for children and adults. The team of the Russian school, parents and a group of theater for adults will give children an unforgettable fairy tale. Every year, our trees collect a full house - they even come to them from neighboring cities, and then they get upset that they don’t have that, and they ask to go on tour.
After the performance, children can be photographed with Santa Claus, the Snow Maiden and the beloved fairy tale characters.
Children's ticket includes a gift.
The show will take place in the assembly hall of the International School of Austin.
Вместе с героями спектакля «Новогодние приключения Маши и Миши» вы попадёте в волшебный мир сказки, встретитесь с хорошо знакомыми и любимыми персонажами (с жителями деревни «Простоквашино», ... moreс Буратино и Мальвиной, с черепахой Тортиллой, со старухой Шапокляк, Крокодилом Геной и Чебурашкой), и узнаете, что такое настоящая дружба.

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